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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a strategy video game that puts you in command of a medieval army. In it, the player needs to build up his army and conquer the kingdoms of neighboring kingdoms, all for the sake of glory. The game is played from a top-down perspective.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a strategy game developed by IGG. The game is available for Android and iOS devices. The game is free to download and play.


The player is in charge of building a kingdom, recruiting troops, and fighting in battles.

The player starts with a few buildings, a limited number of troops, and a few scattered resources. The player can gather resources by clicking on the resource and waiting for it to be collected. The player can upgrade buildings by clicking on a building and then clicking on an upgrade.

The player can hire troops by clicking on the troop and then clicking on the "Hire" button. The player can also conquer other kingdoms by clicking on the "Attack" button.

In Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, the player controls the heroes and warriors from his army to conquer the neighboring kingdoms. The player uses resources to build up his army while also protecting his kingdom. Players can either play the campaign mode or the arena mode. Both modes have their own set of unique features.


The graphics in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars are pretty impressive, with vivid and bright colors. The troops themselves look great as they march across the battlefield in all their glory.

The graphics are cartoon-like. The colors are not too bright, and the graphics are easy to distinguish.


The controls in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars are pretty simple, with the player simply clicking on the troop to select them. When the player clicks on the building, the troops will automatically queue up to be built. The game is controlled by tapping and clicking on the screen.


The replayability in Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is pretty good. The player can play either the campaign mode or arena mode, so there is always something new to explore.

The player can replay the game as desired. There are multiple kingdoms the player can conquer, and the goal of the game is to progress through the game to become a better player.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a great strategy game with great graphics and simple controls. The replayability is quite good, too, as the player always has the option to explore a new model. The game Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a strategy game with cartoon-like graphics. The game involves building a kingdom, collecting resources, and fighting in battles.


  • This game is free and easy to play
  • You can play with other people online
  • You can join a guild and attack other players


  • You have to pay to get new items and upgrades
  • You can buy gems with money or with a credit card


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars
Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars
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