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Human: Fall Flat

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Human: Fall Flat is an open-world, physics-based game that lets players experience the thrill of flatulence. In this puzzle-platformer, players control Bob, a wobbly human who wakes up in a strange, surreal world.

Human: Fall Flat tells the story of Bob, an average cartoon character who has woken up from a long sleep. The whole world has changed, and Bob is trying to find his way back home. Along the way, Bob meets many new friends and foes.


Human: Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle game that allows players to explore a surreal, open world. Players control Bob, a wobbly human who wakes up in a strange, surreal world. The goal of the game is to get Bob to the end of each level. To do so, players will have to go through a series of puzzles and obstacles that require them to use physics.

In Human: Fall Flat, the player controls Bob in the third person. Bob can walk, run, jump, and interact with the environment. Bob can also interact with other characters, humans and animals alike.


The graphics in Human: Fall Flat are a mixed bag. When it comes to the character design, the developers did a good job. The character models are well-drawn, and the game features a wide range of facial expressions. The world, on the other hand, is not so good. There are only a few backgrounds, and they are not very detailed. The graphics are cartoony and colorful.


Human: Fall Flat features simple controls that are easy to grasp. The traditional control scheme features an analog stick and four buttons: jump, grab, attach, and release. The controls are easy to learn and easy to use.


Human: Fall Flat has a lot of replayability. There are two modes in the game, and players can try to find all the secrets. The game also features a level editor as well as a shared level system. There is not much replayability in Human: Fall Flat.


Overall, Human: Fall Flat is a great game for puzzle lovers. It's a straightforward game that features a lot of physics and a lot of puzzles. Human: Fall Flat is a fun and humorous game with a few minor flaws.


  • The game mechanics feel realistic
  • The game uses a good physics engine
  • The music is relaxing and sets the mood
  • The graphics are simplistic but are not too distracting


  • The game is very simplistic and can get repetitive quickly
  • There is no online multiplayer


Human: Fall Flat Human: Fall Flat
Human: Fall Flat
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